When Luvy Is Out…

It turns into a bachelorette pad over here!

Luvy has been gone this week on a mission trip, and I have been so lonely and lost!  Lucky for me, I have my wonderful girl friends to keep me company.

Ruthie came over Monday night and we worked on school stuff (boo!).  Even though we had to work on things, it was so nice just hanging out!  

Plus, I’m indoctrinating the Bama girl to be a Tennessee girl.

This week sweet Jenna also came over and watched a movie with me.  I forgot to take pictures!  😦  Then tonight, Kassie came over for dinner after we both got off work.  

I’m so thankful that these sweet girls helped me get through the week.  Luvy will be home tomorrow, and I’m counting the hours!

This week while he was gone, I made some recipes that I have been wanting to try, but didn’t know if he would like.  I made Angela’s millet with mushroom gravy.  It is to die for!

I will be making this again for Luvy.  I also made eggplant curry.  Luvy doesn’t care too much for eggplant, so I made this and ate the entire batch in 2 days.  🙂

YUM.  It might not look great, but it is delicious!

Plus, to make things even better, my sweet boss got us all flowers today to thank us for all we do.  It is so easy to go to work at a place where you feel appreciated and feel like what you do matters.  What a blessing!  They are beautiful flowers, and they have my favorite flower in there.  I love daisies!  (The orange roses aren’t to shabby either!)

Now, I’m off to make Luvy a treat for when he gets home, and tomorrow all I have to do it touch up the house and do grocery shopping.

I can’t wait to have him home!!

2 thoughts on “When Luvy Is Out…

  1. aww i SO wish i could be there to keep you company!! i totally know the feeling of your hubby being gone though. cody travels every so often for work, and being in a city with NO family whatsoever nearby, it makes it very lonely! like you said, thank goodness for good friends and our church family! 🙂

  2. Ahh .. I hate it when my hubby is away!! I’m glad you had some friends to hang out with, that makes it better! I might have to try the eggplant curry .. I’m not a huge fan of eggplant, but I keep trying it to see if I like it! And I am planting some in my garden this year (don’t ask why), so I hope I can start to like it!

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