The End is Near!

It is time to CELEBRATE!

Today was my very last actual class to go to for my master’s degree!  From now on, it will all be done from home and random meetings.  Woo-hoo!!  I had to dress up like a big girl today, because I had to give a presentation.

I came home so excited about my last day, and I was in the mood to make something good for dinner.  I just bought some stone ground gluten-free corn tortillas from Trader Joe’s today, so I though we could have taco night!

I made some black beans, corn, and stir fried some veggies.

This is the time that Luvy is telling me to watch the knife in my hand!  I usually don’t have a photographer when I’m cooking, and I certainly NEVER look like this when I’m cooking.  Usually, my hair is on top of my head and I’m in yoga pants.  It must be a special night!

I found this new (to me) dressing at Whole Foods today.  It was allergen free for me, so I thought we could try it out!  I put it on our veggies for extra taste.

Everything was placed on our tortillas, and I ate some veggies on the side.  In our classic style, everything was topped with salsa and hot sauce.  🙂

Don’t worry, this wasn’t all I ate.  That was just all the plate could hold… I get messy.  🙂

I have a paper due this Friday and then I’m free for 2 whole weeks until my summer term begins!

I’m ready for a break!  Who’s with me???

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