A No-Guilt Relax Day

Today was such a wonderful day!  It was a physical/mental health day for me.  I was already off today, so I decided to use it to pamper myself.

Since having such a hard time sleeping this weekend, I have been exhausted.  Today, I slept in until 8:30!  It felt so great to sleep in, but I think I could have slept longer if I hadn’t known what time it was.

This morning, I finished a paper for the semester!  That should be the last draft… fingers crossed.

Since I have been feeling super tired lately, I made a lunch that was full of nutrients and veggies.  Just what my body was craving!I had a corn tortilla with Daiya cheese, beans, spinach, avocado, and spicy mustard.  Odd combo, but it was delicious!  I also had veggies stir fried with kidney beans, salsa, rest of the half of avocado, and of course… hot sauce!  

A ton of tortilla chips may or may not have been consumed.  😉

This afternoon, my sweet friend, Cherie, came over and hung out for a few hours.  We talked over some fresh pressed green tea.

I love Cherie because she is such a godly woman who always encourages me and speaks life into me.  She is constantly encouraging me through scripture!  We all need a Cherie in our lives!!  I’m so blessed and thankful to have her.

It was a cold and gloomy day today, so for dinner I made an old favorite of ours.  Corn Tortilla Casserole with green beans.


To make the day even better, Luvy brought in a package that was delivered.  I was home, and I didn’t even hear the mail guy!

It was a sweet package that I won from Jennifer at Peanut Butter and Peppers!  In it was a Trader Joe’s gift card and their cookie butter!

Thanks Jennifer!!  I have a feeling it is going to be a good snack night!

After not sleeping well this weekend, today was the perfect relaxing and peaceful day that I desperately needed.  I felt like God gave me today as a special gift.  Sometimes we need friends and specials things to come along and lift us up.

I know I have told you all that I feel guilty for relaxing, especially when Luvy is at work!  However, I knew that he wanted me to relax today.  I think this was the very first time I have relaxed and not felt guilty.  Such a blessing!

Have you all taken a relax day recently?  

What helps you to recharge and unwind?  


3 thoughts on “A No-Guilt Relax Day

  1. Your dinner looks delicious! I am glad you got a day to relax, I took this Sunday as a me day and just spent the day alone. For me, that is the best form of relaxing and what I need ever once and a while.

  2. Sometimes we just need a relaxing and pamper day, glad you had yours. I believe in treating our selves once in a while, it will benefits ourselves and everyone around us. Last Friday I treated myself to a pedicure and this Friday I am going to Whole Foods to pick up some veggies and a big salad. Sound weird, but Whole Foods is 35 miles from my house so it’s a hike, so that will be my treat after work. I’m glad you got your package!

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