Strike a Pose

Today was a whirlwind of a day!  It is my last week of having Tuesdays off at work, and it was a jam-packed day.

I started out leaving the house at 7:45.  That so isn’t right on a day off!!  I started out my day looking like this:

Hot right??  🙂

It has been forever since I had a hair cut.  I had to be in Louisville at 8:30 and then I had an appointment at 12:30, so it left me plenty of time to let Jill cut my hair!  It worked out perfectly!

5 stops later, I made it home!  After a quick snack and shower, Luvy and I got al gussied up for our church directory pictures.

I don’t think there is anything I hate worse than taking Olan Mills type pictures!  lol..  Our pictures were pretty hilarious. We chose the lesser of the evils for our directory picture.  However, it is better than our picture from 2009!

We came home and goofed off about the silly poses we had to do.  Plus, Luvy came up with a few of his own poses.

My favorite pose is the one where they have you stare off into oblivion while they snap a picture.

Even better is when they tell you not to smile and people get that constipated look on their face!

We had a good laugh, and now I must start packing for Blend!

It is only 3 days away!!  Yippeee!

Who has had some great Olan Mills pictures taken?  

What is your favorite pose?

15 thoughts on “Strike a Pose

  1. My favorite is the smile and tilt your head to the left then turn your body to the right and look at the camera. Lol.

    Our church directory photos are next Thursday! Our last one as a family of 6 before my brother gets married! I’m trying to convince them of theme dressing….haha…I was shut down. Maybe I can convince them to try the poses!

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