One Eyed Wonder

Sorry to leave you all hanging last night…

Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day.  On Tuesday, my eye was a little dry and scratchy feeling, especially Tuesday night.  So, I just assumed that since I’m so accident prone that I cut my eye.

My eyeball kept me up all. night. long!  Seriously, I have never had something bother me so bad.  I felt like someone had thrown sand in my right eye.  It took me forever to be able to just open my eye Wednesday morning.  I decided that I would suck it up and be a big girl.  I pried my eye open and stuck my contact it.  It felt so much better!!

So, I went on to work.  At work, it still was extremely irritated and it cried all morning.  Everyone kept telling me that it hurt to look at me… oops.  Plus, since my eye was so teary- I didn’t bother putting makeup on.  I’m sure that really helped in the looks department.

I finally decided to go see a local eye doctor since mine was all the way on the other side of Louisville.  It’s a good thing I went!

He told me that I didn’t scratch my eye.  I have an eye infection from my contacts!  He said I probably got something in that contact, and it has caused inflammation and an infection in my eye.  Lovely…

Fortunately, I didn’t put off going in, because it is just a mild case.  I have to put antibiotic and steroid drops in my eye 4xs a day and go without my contacts for a few days.  That might be interesting since this is Blend weekend!

Plus, he gave me this nice patch to put over my eye after he puts drops in it.  

I had a lazy eye as a child and I had to wear one of these every single day… this did not bring back good memories.

Luckily, I was able to take it off!  Now, I’m just rockin’ the glasses.

Tomorrow, I leave for Blend.  I’m not sure what my posting will be like this weekend, but I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Have any of you scratched your eye or had an eye infection??

Have any of you had to patch your eye??  it stinks..

10 thoughts on “One Eyed Wonder

  1. I scratched my cornea my last semester at Carson-Newman!!!! It. Was. MISERABLE! I totally feel your pain! I actually had the same thing (infection) happen last spring in HHI! I actually thought I had actually gotten sand in my eye. Turned out it was from my contacts! My eye doc was next to my apt complex so luckily I didn’t have to show off my patch but to my neighbor who was driving in! Get better!!!

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