Off to Blend

Greeting from the Chicago airport!

I have a 2 hour layover here in Chicago, so I thought I would drop in on you guys before I made it to Denver.

Last night, somehow Luvy and I got all this organized and packed up.  

I am the world’s worst packer.  I ALWAYS overpack.  I can never decide what I’m going to wear.  This time, I did much better.  Plus, I packed an extra bag in case I need to check 2 bags on the way back.  Thank you Southwest for not charging for 2 checked bags!

This morning, I made a HUGE bowl of oatmeal, packed my lunch, and got myself ready.  I’m still sporting the glasses, but I did put on makeup today!  My doctor said I would be good to put my contacts in tonight!  

I was super sad to leave Luvy, but I’m SO excited to finally meet my new friend Bobbie in person!  I will be staying with her and one of her friends this weekend for Blend.  Bobbie and I met a couple of months ago, and instantly connected.  I can’t wait to finally give her a big hug!!

This weekend will be packed full of hanging out, eating, hiking, bootcamps, yoga, and exploring Boulder, CO.  I can’t wait to meet new friends!

I’m not sure what the blogging schedule will be like, but I’ll check in as much as I can.

See you from Denver!  (miss you Luvy…)

21 thoughts on “Off to Blend

  1. So happy you commented on my blog because then I got to find yours! :). Have a great time at Blend!!

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