Blend: The Finale!

Okay, so this is the last of my Blend posts.  I hope you all aren’t sick of them yet.  I had so much fun that I can’t stand to leave any of it out!!

I couldn’t believe how fast the weekend went by!  Come Sunday morning, I felt like our time together should just be getting started!  A few of the girls live fairly close by, so I am hoping that we can all get together sometime!

Chobani led our bootcamp Sunday morning.  I haven’t ever been a fan of workouts first thing in the morning, but I loved it with these girls!  I have found myself missing these workouts!

Picture from Bobbi.

Chobani also provided us breakfast!  They were also our main sponsor for the retreat!  I was so jealous that I couldn’t enjoy the Chobani all weekend, but I didn’t want to be sick from dairy all weekend either!

Picture also from Bobbi

I was loving the Love Grown Granola with my oatmeal!  So yummy! Too bad I couldn’t have taken all the Chobani home to Luvy…

It was nice to hang out with all my new friends.  It is so nice to meet some of the girls that I have read their blogs for a year or more!  It is also nice to meet people who you know that you will connect with for years to come!

After breakfast, there was a raffle.  I won a free blog header by Zesty Blog Consulting!  It was really cool that everyone won something!

It was so sad saying bye to all these girls!  We had too much fun!!

Photo from Ashley.

That afternoon, Lindsay, Bobbi, and I hung out before getting all dressed up to go out into Denver.

Lindsay and her hubby were so sweet to show us around.

Picture from Bobbi.

We ended up eating at Breckenridge Brewery in downtown Denver.  I got a gluten-free veggie burger with sweet potato fries!  YUM!

Then it was time for fro-yo!!  I am loving that they have a dairy free sorbet at most fro-yo places!!

I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I am already looking forward to next year.  I just wish we could do this more often, or that these girls lived closer!!

So, who have I talked into going next year???

Happy Weekend!!


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