Real Life

I had a realization today.  My life is rather nuts.  HA!

I read so many blogs, and it is hard for me to imagine some of them in “real life”.  Their lives seem so glamorous and perfect.  They have picture perfect meals, have time to work out, plus they actually shower and get all dolled up.

Where do they find the time???

Okay, so before I gross y’all out… I do shower daily.  However, I live in t-shirts… poor Luvy…

Luvy and I barely have time to sit down.  This week, his nose is in the books.  Next week, Luvy has his comprehensive evaluations.  These are the final tests for his entire PhD program where he is tested over all the material that has been a part of his course work.  Pretty big deal.

I know he will do fantastic, but of course he has to study up.  I’m so incredibly proud of him!

(Side note:  Don’t you LOVE his Bass Pro koozie??  It keeps his ginger ale nice and cold.  My daddy gave it to him, and it is so endearing to me that Luvy uses it.  Plus, we are red-necking my sweet city-boy of a husband up!)

My classes start back this Friday.  Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm.  I should graduate in May.  HALLELUJAH!  I will be throwing a major party.

Around here, dinner is rarely perfect culinary feat, but we do have dinner together every night.  Tonight, I burnt the acorn squash, but no one complained.  We were too busy chowing down!  

Even though life here is hectic and crazy, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love our real life.  I love all its imperfections and flaws.

I love sharing my real life with you all.  I love that in this little space of mine I can be real and honest.

What do you love about your “real life”?

In real life tomorrow… it is someone specials birthday!!!

17 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. i love when bloggers are real and more transparent because i know deep down none of them have a “perfect” life. thank YOU for being real! 🙂 and don’t worry, i, too, wear tshirts all the live long day when i am at home. i just love being comfy!

  2. Oh real life, I am most definitely loving the home time right now. I live with my parents for the summer and I am loving every moment I get to spend with them 🙂

  3. I totally laughed at this post because I remember when I read you planting a garden post and I was all full of longing and envy that you had time and help for a garden! LOL.

    Have a great day. The burned squash cracked me up because I burned something just the other day and still had NO problem eating it. That is the way it goes.

    • That is too funny Samantha!! It is amazing how our lives get portrayed in a blog! My garden is super tiny and to be honest.. I haven’t been out to it since I planted!! Maybe that is why nothing ever really comes up. HA! Burnt food is a delicacy around here. 🙂

  4. I love hearing about everyone’s real life…it makes bloggers so much more relatable! Even though my real life can be hectic or not always “fun enough” for the blog, I still love it and I’m so thankful for my health and friends and family!

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