Birthday Fro-Yo

Today is a very special person’s birthday….

He has always been there for me.

Gave me shoulder to lean on.

Encouraged me.

Loved me when I was unlovable (i.e. teenaged years).

Told me to pursue my dreams.

Wiped my tears.

Loved me unconditionally.

Today is my daddy’s birthday.

I wish I was there to celebrate with you!!  I love you, Daddy.

My sweet friend Laura and I went out to get fro-yo in honor of Daddy’s birthday (and because we were craving it!).

We went to Choices Yogurt Bar because they have 2 non-dairy options every day!  Score.

We were just a little excited about fro-yo!  🙂

I got a mix of Mango Tango and Pomegranate Berry.  Sugar rush but oh so delicious.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

What do you like to do to celebrate birthdays?

Are birthdays a big deal to you?

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