4 Incredible Years

Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Luvy!!

How can 4 years have gone by already??

It seems like just yesterday we met at McAlister’s Deli on the strip in Knoxville.  

Life has changed so much in 8 years!

These 4 years have been incredible.

We have been each others best friends.

We have travelled.

We have laughed and cried.

I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone but you!

You are my rock.  I am so incredibly blessed that God gave me you to spend my life with.  I pray I never forget what a special gift you are to me.

As I said 4 years ago… You’re stuck with me forever!

I love you, and here’s to many more wonderful years and memories.

33 thoughts on “4 Incredible Years

  1. Happy Anniversary! I have a Luvy as well and he is wonderful. May every year together get better and better. I hope you have a long life together.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    You met at McAlister’s? That sounds like a good story – have you shared it before?

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