Fly Me Away

With Luvy having so much school stuff going on, our vacation has been well… unplanned?  unorganized?  I’m not really sure what word fits here.  All I know is that neither of us were really looking forward to anything.

This stunk because our vacation starts next Friday.  Luvy doesn’t have class, and all I have is an appointment at 9:30 then we are free!  Luvy will have his last bit of coursework behind him, and only have his dissertation to focus on.  Hallelujah!

We wanted to go on a vacation where we just relaxed.  We didn’t want to feel like we had to have an agenda every day, or need to get out and do something everyday.  We were looking at the Outer Banks, Charleston, and other beaches, but nothing was exciting us too much.  Also, I was having a hard time finding a good place to stay at any of these places.

Today, Luvy got on the Allegiant Airlines website, and low and behold he found a round trip ticket for both of us really cheap to a city that is close to my favorite beach.  So, he called the place we stay at said beach, and they have an opening!!!  We haven’t been since 2010, so we are due a trip!  

There was only one thing to do!  Book it!

We are so excited!  We both love this place.  Plus, the beach is so calming and relaxing.  Exactly what we both need right now.

You will have to wait and find out where we are going!!  🙂

Tickets: check
House sitter: check
All I need to do is pack my bags and we are outta here!

What is your favorite beach?  

Do you have a special location that you like to get away to?


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