We Made It!

We are here!

I have missed you guys.  I was only away for a day and I feel so out of the loop!  A million thanks to sweet Ashley for her guest post!

Luvy and I road tripped to TN yesterday.  We got to see Daddy for a little bit last night before heading out this morning.

IMG 0830

This morning, we caught a plane from Knoxville to Florida.  

It was a bit cool when we left Tennessee, but we were greeted by the sun and heat in Florida.  Ahhhhh…. I already feel more relaxed.  We had a bit of a drive to our desination, so we stopped right outside of the Orlando airport to eat at Sweet Tomatoes.

IMG 0833

Luvy and I had never eaten there before, but it was really good.  I was impressed with the salad bar.

IMG 0834

I got a big salad, plus gluten free veggie soup and a sweet potato!  

IMG 0835

Luvy got all kinds of goodies.  We got our bellies happy then hit the road again!

IMG 0836

Once we started getting closer, I started getting excited.

IMG 0837

Very excited.  Lol… 

IMG 0838

I have no shame.  🙂  

We are now all checked into our little condo.  I could get used to having this as my scenery everyday.  

IMG 0841

IMG 0845

We also have “friends” that live outside.  I do not like our friends.  If one runs across my foot or worse… cuddles up with me on my chair, I will scream.  

IMG 0848

These guys are EVERYWHERE!

However, I’ll take it.  After all, this is my view for the next few days!  We are off to my FAVORITE restaurant here.

IMG 0847

Has anyone guessed where I am yet???  (Mom- don’t answer that… it isn’t fair!  🙂 )

Where is your favorite get-away spot?

11 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. I LOVE the lizards. LOVE them. It is spiders I can’t handle. I have no idea where you are…but I wish I was on a sunny vacation.

    I wish I could even say I had a favorite getaway spot. For now it has to be a nice hike with the pup. Have fun!

  2. Are you in Siesta Key??? I been there a bunch and it’s awesome! Those little lizard things freak me out haha. I like watching them scurry around, but if they touch me in anyway…um, no thank you! Have sooooo much fun pretty lady ❤

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