Siesta Sunday

Hey loves!

Lindsay guessed it… we are in Siesta Key!  

I have a love affair with Siesta Key.  I don’t know why I love it so much here.  The first year Luvy and I came here, we weren’t here for 24 hours before my daddy called to tell me that my grandmother had unexpectedly passed away.  You would think after that, I would have a bad feeling towards this place.  We came back the next year because we had a credit with the place we were staying, and I fell even more in love with Siesta Key.

I love that the sand is powder fine and solid white.  It doesn’t burn your feet, and it dusts right off.

I also love the healthy culture that Sarasota and Siesta Key have!

This morning, Luvy and I drank some coffee before heading up to the Siesta Key farmer’s market!  It was so fun.

IMG 0857

Right when we walked in, this sweet lady pulled us over and told us about her green tea.  I LOVE tea, so I was all about it.  It is Matcha green tea, so you get extra antioxidants and other benefits.  I liked it, but I was after one thing…

IMG 0858

PEACHES!  These were sweet Georgia peaches, and they were the star of our breakfast this morning.

IMG 0859

We had breakfast by the pool area this morning.  After breakfast, Luvy and I read our devotional.  I even read him some of my Soul Detox that I’m doing with the SheReadsTruth ladies!

IMG 0860

Tonight we went to dinner at Mi Pueblo.  It is a Mexican restaurant here in Sarasota that features a vegan and raw menu.  Everything there is extremely fresh!

Mi Pueblo El Restaurante Mexicano & Cantina on Urbanspoon

IMG 0865

Luvy got traditional Mexican, while I got the Tacos de Paz.

IMG 0872

It was lime marinated kale with spicy ground Brazil Nuts, guac, pico de gallo, and sunflower seed cream served with a side of living veggie rice.

It was delicious!  I also ate some of Luvy’s rice and beans.  They don’t use lard in their beans!!  Score!

Now we are off to continue our Sunday siesta!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tell me what you all did this weekend… and go!


19 thoughts on “Siesta Sunday

  1. oh sweetheart, everything sounds absolutely amazing! I am so happy for you, hun 🙂 SO happy for you ❤

    I love all of the pictures and am so happy you got some tea! I am drinking some right now! 🙂

  2. Woot woot!!! I’m so excited that I guessed it haha….I mean I new you were in Sarasota, but there are lots of other places you could have been too! I hope you guys have an amazing time. And seriously, I want your hair. I wish my curls looked like that haha.

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