Marvelous In My Monday: Siesta Key Edition

Happy Monday!  It certainly doesn’t feel like a typical Monday here since I’m at the beach!

The sweet and beautiful Katie came up with a great idea to make Monday’s more marvelous.  Every Monday, a group of bloggers are going to be sharing anything they think is marvelous so everyone can start their Monday’s on a positive note.  Cool huh??  I know it will help my Monday’s out…

So what has been marvelous for me today??

The beach. I LOVE the beach.

I love just relaxing and not having an agenda. 

I never feel closer to God than when I’m in nature.  When I’m at the beach or when I’m hiking, it seems like God’s presence is more real to me.  Today while I was laying on the beach, I kept seeing people looking at the sun.  At first I was a little freaked out so I didn’t want to look, but it ended up being a beautiful rainbow around the sun.

IMG 0878

It was such a beautiful day!  We don’t stay too long in the sun, because a medicine I take makes me very sun sensitive.  I make sure to lather up really well before hitting the beach.  I think I blend in with the sand very well here.  🙂  Don’t worry, I won’t scare you all with pictures.  

Tonight, we went to a local Thai place here in Sarasota called Bangkok, and it was AMAZING!

Bangkok Restaurant on Urbanspoon

IMG 0881

Luvy and I started out with Jasmine Tea.  (I thought of you, Meg!)

IMG 0883

We decided to get to vegetarian and gluten free meals so that we could share.  Luvy is so amazing for eating veggie and GF!  I am so blessed.

IMG 0887

(the bruise on my leg… not so marvelous.  I have no idea where it came from… Luvy doesn’t beat me.  I swear.)

We split the Tofu and Veggie Green Curry and the Pineapple Vegetable Fried Rice.  Both were to die for!

IMG 0884

IMG 0885

They were so accommodating and helpful.  I could eat here again and again!  Everything was so fresh and tasty.  Not oily or overcooked!

Today was an extremely marvelous day… Now I have a hot date with Luvy, popcorn, and the movie Gone.

What is marvelous in your life right now??

Do you like Thai food?

11 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday: Siesta Key Edition

  1. I LOVE thai food!

    OK, marvelous is a fun word. I try and use gratitude a lot but marvelous has more of a party feel and I think it is great when blogs try and have positive traditions like this.

    In my life marvelous things include my dog, some upcoming baking projects, the near end of my school quarter, some wonderful friends, that my high-mileage car keeps ticking along, and that each week gives me a fresh start at being the best I can be, regardless of the ways I was hard on myself the week before!

  2. Amazing! I am so behind on blog reading with my move and everything, but I’m happy you are having a MARVELOUS trip (even if it meant no Charlottesville stop). You also now have me craving Thai food…specifically the Jungle Curry from this place in Austin…it’s so hot (even when they bring it down to what I know they consider the “American level” of heat) you are practically crying…but it’s so good, you can’t stop eating! 🙂

  3. I love love LOVE Thai food! So happy you got some! And that thai curry looks exceptional hun!

    I started to tear up reading that you thought of ME!? Oh Brittany, I am so happy we are friends ❤

  4. I’m so happy that you’re having a great time! That rainbow around the sun is soooo cool looking :). And I always end up with random bruises on my legs too and have no idea where they came from haha. Have a great day today love!!!

  5. friendship like your’s is marvelous in my life right now. 🙂 and my marriage/relationship with cody. i’m so thankful for the relationships God has given me! and i LOVE thai food… i think you already knew that though. we have it at least once a week around here!

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