Beach Life

Hey friends!

I can’t believe it is Tuesday.  Being on vacation has my days all mixed up.  🙂  

It rained here this morning, so Luvy and I hung around here and went out for breakfast at Simon’s Coffee House here in Sarasota.

Simons Coffee House on Urbanspoon

IMG 0891

We shared the Mediterranean Tofu scramble and it was wonderful!

IMG 0892

Simon’s is such an incredible breakfast and lunch spot!  The even offer a raw dish at lunch.  Their food is incredible and the place is great.  The service wasn’t as good as the food, but the other stuff makes up for it.

We got to head out to the beach after lunch, but it was overcast all day.  I actually didn’t mind though because I’m a little burnt.  

Since it was dreary today, I didn’t really feel like fixing my hair.  Plus, when it rains my hair grow… like a chia pet!

IMG 0908

While it was still damp, I just pulled it to the side and braided it.  I think I’ll do this more often at home.  

IMG 0910

Tonight’s dinner was at a hole in the wall place called Monterey Grill.  We both got one of the rice bowls.

Monterey Grill on Urbanspoon

IMG 0880

I got the Wild Salmon Bowl with the Hawaiian sauce on it to make it gluten-free.  

IMG 0897

Luvy got the Pacific Bowl.  He deemed this “Luvy approved”, and he said it was the best meal he has had while he has been here.  

IMG 0896

Our server Johnny was excellent as well.  We ate here two years ago, and it is a gem.  Certainly a hidden treasure here in Sarasota!

After dinner, we were on a mission.  Luvy had never been to get froyo before.  I’m allergic to dairy, and I’ve even been!  We had to rectify this IMMEDIATELY.  I called several places and only Yogurtology had a dairy-free option.

IMG 0903


Luvy tried several flavors and ended up settling on the dairy free option with me!  It was pomegranate raspberry.

IMG 0901

He figured out why I love froyo so much… the toppings!  They did have great toppings.

IMG 0900

I wish beach life was REAL life!  I have been eating so much good food!

IMG 0902

I’ll be sharing more of my good eats tomorrow on WIAW!

How is your week?

What is your favorite things about the beach or vacation in general?

17 thoughts on “Beach Life

  1. Luvy Approved…LOL.

    Sigh, I love all the fun stuff you are eating. I never even go to a froyo place because I always assumed it isn’t vegan friendly. Good to know they are out there.

    I am an olive queen! The scramble looked amazing. 🙂

  2. Oh babe! You are having SO much fun! I am so happy you are there with Luvy ❤ I think about you so so much Brittany ❤ I love you girl!

    Looking forward to more eats tomorrow 😉

    I also had salmon tonight 😀

  3. LOVING the braid girl!! You are beautiful :). And I’m a little burnt as well…I’m actually kind of happy that it’s cloudy right now haha. I’m happy to hear that you and Luvy are having a great vacay! I hope today is just as awesome. xxoo

  4. i’m LOVING your side braid! now that my hair is getting longer, i’ve been doing that more often too. it’s so simple and cute! it’s nice to keep it off my neck during the warm summer months too. and yes, i wish beach life were real life too! isn’t is just wonderful?! 🙂 i’m glad luvy got to try out fro-yo!

    • I’m thinking braids are going to be the new trend for the summer! So quick and easy. My hair just didn’t dry though until I took it out! Let’s run away to the beach… we can kidnap the boys and just run away. 🙂

  5. You really are eating some great food, wow! Froyo toppings are my FAVE too. The rice bowls look dynamite, heavy on the seafood and not too much rice everywhere, just how I like it. I love the chairs in that coffee place with the cups, so cute! The tofu scramble looks good, mmm Mediterannean anything is good.

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