WIAW: Beach Edition

How is it Wednesday already???  My vacation is flying by!

I always have these good intentions of posting in the mornings, and it never happens.  Lucky for you all (and no so for me) it rained today, so I am getting my post up early.  🙂  

I told you guys yesterday that I have been eating some GREAT foods here in Sarasota/ Siesta Key.  So, here is my What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) Beach Edition!

Luvy and I typically eat breakfast and lunch in our room or condo when we are on vaca to save money and time!  Here are some collages of what we have eaten.  Maybe next week I can share with you all how we eat healthy on a budget on vacation!  🙂  Who would like that?

Breakfast is always my favorite meal of the day!

Chobani, oatmeal, Love Grown Granola, Justin’s Nut Butter, cereal, and fresh fruit were staples at breakfast.  Oh and coffee… don’t forget the coffee.


(excuse my half almond buttered toast.. lol)

Lunch consisted of leftovers from dinner, fruit, peanut butter sandwiches, hummus, and veggies.  


I fell in love with Udi’s millet and flax bread.  We need this in Louisville!

Dinner was always out.  We haven’t had a bad meal yet.  In fact, I still haven’t shared with you all my favorite restaurant in Sarasota!  Don’t worry… I have a big post coming up about it soon.  🙂


The food has been incredible!

Of course… no day would be complete without snacks.  I have been eating a lot of bars- Larabars and The Simply Bar mostly, fruit, froyo, popcorn, and Luvy loves his toast and Nutella.


How do you all eat on vacation?

What do you all think… post in the am or pm? What is better for you all?

22 thoughts on “WIAW: Beach Edition

  1. I always try to get my posts up in the mornings! But, I don’t do it if I can’t! I rather not stress! 🙂

    Everything looks amazing Brittany!!! I know you are enjoying it so much


  2. Wow…it REALLY depends on the vacation. I actually like all the experiences you are having because it can be so different at home. I am just as guilty of getting my standard foods and eating in. Driving cross country was the hardest. Mostly snacking and no real stops.

    I would say post whenever works for you! 🙂 I tend to get your notices in the evening but since you have been in Florida it is more mid-day (I think different time zones).

    • Driving is the worst when trying to eat fresh healthy foods! I love Seattle though… such great places to eat! Have you ever eaten at Chaco Canyon??

      • No! LOL. Every time I have planned on it, it has gone wrong.

        I live in North Bend which is about 40 minutes east of Seattle. You wouldn’t think that would be that big of a deal but getting into Seattle and the cost of gas right now is no picnic. 🙂

        However, I am trying to make the most of my break between quarters and that might be a great item to add to the list! I even looked up their June menu last night (I love that they change it monthly).

  3. i prefer morning posts because that’s when i read most blogs, but whatever works best for you! i will still read no matter what! 🙂 SO many good eats here! we typically do the same on vacation… try to eat in for breakfast & lunch, and go out for dinner. mmm i LOVE nutella on toast!

    • I am trying to get on a schedule… I want to start setting my posts to post in the am. 🙂 I think Luvy has eaten half of his nutella already! Whoops..

  4. It looks like a wonderful mix for vacation. When I am on vacation I try to find a good balance because if I have to many sweets I tend to feel sick and not enjoy my trip. Also most of the times I go on cruises so it is hard lol.

    As for the time of the day you post it does not matter. As long as you enjoy what you are posting 🙂

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