Coming to an End…

Hey friends!  

How is it Thursday already?!?!

I was so sad to leave our little beach house on Siesta Key this afternoon!  

IMG 0973

After breakfast, Luvy and I took a final walk on the beach before cleaning up and heading out.

IMG 0957

I am going to miss my daily beach walks!!  Walking through neighborhoods doesn’t start to compete with the scenery here.  🙂

IMG 0953

Tonight we are staying in Orlando because we have an early flight to catch in the morning.  By early I mean we have to leave the hotel tomorrow at 4:15am!  Who wants a wake-up call???  😉  No really…

We drove to Orlando in the rain.  It has actually been raining on us every day since Monday.  Good thing we didn’t come to the beach to get a good tan!  🙂  I have found the rain to be quite relaxing.

The ducks are loving the rain.  We found these when we were at the Boardwalk here in Orlando!  Aren’t they adorable????

IMG 0979

Luvy and I also went to the outlets here.  I got two cute shirts at Ann Taylor Loft.  BOGO!!  Score!

IMG 0987

Dinner tonight was at Woodlands.  It is a vegetarian Indian restaurant.  It was awesome!  I couldn’t get a picture of the outside, because it was pouring rain!

 Woodlands on Urbanspoon

We both got a hot tea since it was raining and it was cool in the restaurant.  

IMG 0982

In our classic style, we ordered 2 entrees and shared!  We got the Special Vegetable Curry with some extra spice and the Baigan Bartha.  They were both delicious, but our favorite was the Vegetable Curry.  Plus, they made everything gluten-free and dairy-free.

IMG 0983

I think the best part about it was that Luvy and I were the ONLY white folks in the restaurant.  The other 50 customers were all Indian.  To me, that’s a good sign.  If Indians will eat there, it must be good Indian food!

Now, we are tucked away in our hotel.  Luvy is going to watch the Eastern Conference Finals and then we have a hot date with Rookie Blue at 10!

I’m so sad to have our beach vaca over, but we are headed to Tennessee for our good friend’s wedding!!!

Do you all like Indian food?

So who all wants to take a girls trip back to the beach with me???

11 thoughts on “Coming to an End…

  1. Tea!? And you didn’t think of me?? 😦 hahaha just jokes love 😉

    I miss the walks on the beach in Barbados too! They are the best! Totally coming for the girls trip 😀 XO

  2. I’m totally up for a girls trip to the beach!! 🙂
    Glad to see you guys had a great little trip away – I find rain very relaxing as well. There’s just something so soothing about the sound of rain falling. Get home safe!

  3. I’m glad you had a good time at Siesta Key. It’s my home away from home! My grandparents have a condo there so I was there a couple times a year growing up. The sand is so white- you’ll be spoiled from now on 🙂 Ahh, to be there right now.

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