Marvelous in My Monday #2

Happy Monday!

It is time for another Marvelous in My Monday with the sweet Katie!

Vacation was absolutely marvelous.  I could look at this!

IMG 0847

It was marvelous getting much needed quality time with Luvy this past week.  Sure he still had to study, but we got to hang out and chat.  I have missed him!

IMG 0940 2

We had a wonderful time catching up with friends and family.  Although it was not marvelous coming home from vacation, it IS marvelous to sleep in my own bed!

When I got home, Chobani had sent me a marvelous love package of raspberry yogurt for Luvy (and me).  🙂  

IMG 1015

It is marvelous that I have tomorrow off work tomorrow to catch up on house work.  Plus, my google reader and e-mail is out of control!  🙂  I can’t wait to sit down tomorrow with a cup of hot tea and read blogs all morning long!  🙂  I have missed you all… I feel so out of the loop!

And now… I have a MARVELOUS dinner date with Luvy and some friends tonight!  

My Monday was pretty uneventful thus far, but it was exactly what I needed after a vacation and crazy travel!

How was your Monday?

What are you looking forward to this week?

18 thoughts on “Marvelous in My Monday #2

  1. Awwww girl! Enjoy your evening with Luvy! I know how much you love him! Also, enjoy that day off tomorrow! That’s so nice 🙂 I love catching up on blogs! It’s quite overwhelming when google reader gets out of control!

  2. Sigh. Cute photos!

    My Monday is marvelous because I have started the first of my baking projects for a bake sale this weekend and I started with dog treats!

    This week I am looking forward to getting caught up while on break and hopefully no rain!

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