Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Jenn’s theme this month is sensible snacking.  🙂  Just perfect for me, don’t ya think???  Since I confessed I’m a huge snacker yesterday, I thought this was very fitting.  

Wiaw sensible snacking button

For breakfast, I had pancakes (gasp!) and some Strawberry SoDelicious Greek style coconut milk yogurt.  All topped with blueberries, banana, and granola.  I MUST have my pancakes with some peanut butter and syrup.  I’m almost out of Xagave!!  Nooo…..

IMG 1034

(This was just my first plate…)

So not my typical buckwheat or oats breakfast, but I enjoyed it!  I have been dying to try my Purely Elizabeth pancake mix for months.  Luvy and I haven’t had a good weekend to make pancakes, so I had them without him. Sorry Luvy.  🙂

My planned morning snack didn’t happen today, because I was on a business call all.morning.long!  

Needless to say, I was about to eat my arm off at lunch!  I made a quick stir fry that mocked a stir fry I had at a great Mediterranean restaurant here recently.  

IMG 1037

I had to eat it on the run, because I was going to be late for an appointment.  Let me assure you, it was delicious!

Snack this afternoon was a kiwi in my car driving home and a Simply Bar.  LOVE!

IMG 0844

(recycled pic… I try not to take pics while driving.  It’s for your safety and mine)

Dinner was vegan meatloaf, roasted carrots, and brussels sprouts.  All with a whole lotta ketchup.  I love ketchup.  🙂

IMG 1044

My “meatloaf” fell apart because I can never let it set after coming out of the oven.  The minute it comes out, we are digging in!

My snack last night was epic.  AND I forgot to take a picture.  Don’t worry, it will be repeated.  Let me just explain it to make you drool…

I made a homemade gluten-free brownie with chocolate chips in it, topped it with SoDelicious coconut milk ice cream and Stuft Mama’s frozen fudge.

Maybe the best midnight snack ever.  I’m thinking it might happen again tomorrow.  Tonight I have a froyo date!  🙂

What was the best snack you have had recently?

Does anyone else eat peanut butter and syrup on their pancakes??

26 thoughts on “WIAW #3

  1. i LOVE my pancakes with syrup + peanut butter too. it’s my favorite way to top pancakes. and i can never eat enough ketchup! cody thinks i’m so weird. 🙂 and ohhh my goodness, that dessert sounds amaaaazing!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Purely Elizabeth Granola…I have never seen (nor tasted, therefore) the pancake mix! That vegan meatloaf looks delicious…I don’t worry about these “veggie loafs” or “veggie burgers” holding together. It’s all about taste, not appearance. 🙂

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