Friday Happenings and Our Beach House

Happy Friday!!

I survived my continuing education course this morning.  The speaker was actually pretty good, so it wasn’t totally unbearable!  Plus, I had my oats and Love Grown Granola to save me.  🙂

IMG 20120615 090033

Today when I got home, I was completely tanked.  I don’t know why, but ever since last night I have felt like my body is full of lead.  I came home and ate lunch and then sacked out on the couch.  I think I slept for a good hour and a half.  So not like me to take naps, but obviously I needed it.

I didn’t go to the wedding rehearsal tonight with Luvy because I feel super weak and a bit dizzy.  I didn’t think being out in the heat would help me out much.  I have been drinking my Fitmixer aminos to help me feel better!  Actually, when I told Luvy how I was feeling he immediately said… drink your aminos!  🙂  He loves the Fitmixer too!

Since I’m feeling off, I’m just resting and taking it easy.  I think that is something we need to do more for ourselves!

Okay enough about me being a big whiney baby…  🙂  I hope you guys aren’t sick of hearing about my Siesta Key vacation yet…. because I’m not done talking about it!  Seriously, can I go back already??  

When Luvy and I go down, we usually stay in the same condo every year.  However, we decided to go down last minute this year, and our condo was already taken!!  Say it ain’t so!!  I was so upset.

After some looking around, Luvy found The Banana Bay Club.

IMG 0971

Luvy e-mailed them, and Jimmy was super quick to respond to us.  He ended up giving us an incredible deal.  when we got there, we were supposed to be in Villa #3.  We stayed there one night, but there was some plumming issues going on.  

Instead of sending out a plummer, Jimmy asked us if we wanted to move to a different villa.  He said that there were several open including the 3 bedroom Beach House.  He said we could upgrade at no additional cost.  Umm… heck yes!

So, Luvy and I ended up staying in the large and very spacious Beach House!

IMG 0973

It has one “master” bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms.  

IMG 0963

IMG 0961

IMG 0964

One bath.

IMG 0962

A nice spacious living room. 

IMG 0965

IMG 0967

A very nice kitchen.  Even though I only made popcorn, sandwiches, yogurt, and oats in there.

IMG 0968

Huge dining area.  This space also doubled for Luvy’s study.

IMG 0972

IMG 0923

Plus, a great deck area.  We usually ate breakfast out here…..when the mosquitos weren’t eating us up.

IMG 0969

The only downfall is that you have to walk about 2 minutes to the beach.  It was no big deal to us at all.  I actually really liked the walk.  Plus, you got to walk right beside this big guy:

IMG 0949

Isn’t this place incredible??

IMG 0960

It is actually privately owned by Gary from 1-800-ask-gary.  Obviously he isn’t doing so shabby.

The only thing that I wish it had was a view of the ocean.  It rained for a little while a couple of the days we were there, and it would have been nice to still been able to see the ocean.  However, we were extremely happy with where we stayed!

When you go on vacation do you ever stay at the same place?

What are you all up to this weekend??

15 thoughts on “Friday Happenings and Our Beach House

  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    Crazy about being so run down. I never nap either but sometimes I can really feel the call of an early night. Regardless, sometimes your body is just telling you to slow down.

    It has been SO long since I have even gone a vacation so no, but I was listening to this thing on the radio this morning about how it is good to shake things up a bit to repeated routine so it was probably good for you all the way around. 🙂

    Not too many demands on this weekend I think which is perfect for me!

  2. Sounds awesome! I hope you feel better soon … I kinda felt that way too today! Just so tired and I couldn’t make myself do anything!!! Sometimes a nap is the best thing!

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