Two Become One

Hey guys!  Thanks so much for the well wishes.  

I rested yesterday, and I’m feeling better today!  I don’t know what was going on yesterday, but I’m glad it is over.  I think it might be a 24 hour bug, because now Luvy feels the same way I did yesterday.  😦  I hope I didn’t make him sick!!!

Like I told you guys yesterday, Luvy went to the rehearsal without me, but I ended up joining him for the rehearsal dinner.  I wasn’t on my A game, but I’m so glad I went.  

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I finally got to meet my friend Joshua’s new girlfriend, Briana!

IMG 1052

She is so sweet!!!  I can already tell we are going to be friends.  🙂  I know she can handle me if she can handle this guy…

IMG 1054

IMG 1053

This morning, we got ready and headed down to Bernheim Forest for Tyler and Alaysia’s wedding.  It is a gorgeous setting for a wedding!

IMG 1056

I loved how the groomsmen and bridesmaids were dressed in the classic Tyler and Alaysia style!  Even the flower girl had on some cute chucks! 

IMG 1058

Luvy was playing the piano, and I, of course, was distracted by him.  🙂

IMG 1057

Alaysia was (is) a beautiful bride!  

IMG 1059

I though it was so sweet that not only did her daddy walk her down the aisle, but he also performed the ceremony.  

IMG 1062

IMG 1063

It was a perfect day for a wedding.  It was a bit overcast, so it didn’t get too hot.  The clouds also made it perfect for taking pictures.

Naturally, the one pic I got of me and Luvy my eyes were closing!  Murphy’s law….

IMG 1064

I did get some good ones of Joshua and Briana and Briana and myself!

IMG 1066

IMG 1065

Unfortuneately, I didn’t get an up close one of the bride and groom.  They were in high demand!  

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday.  We are taking it easy tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow starts our summer bookclubs for our college guys and girls!  

The girls will be studying The List by Marian Jordan.  

Who wants to read along with us??

What have you all been up to this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Two Become One

  1. I love that Luvy distracted you:) You looked beautiful and I know what you mean about not getting close-ups of the bride and groom. I usually stay back away from the photographer area:)

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