Hey guys!  Happy Monday!

You know what that means.  It’s Marvelous In My Monday time with Katie!!

You all have made my weekend completely marvelous by your sweet comments and e-mails about my journey towards health!  I can’t wait to get to know you all much better!

I am loving the new marvelous Bible study I’m doing with She Reads Truth.  The Soul Detox was over for most of the girls.  I started late so I’m still on Day 33.  However, the group started the study Living the Surrendered Life.  So far, I’m LOVING it!

If you all want more info on the Bible study that She Reads Truth is doing, feel free to check it out on their new website!  Or e-mail me!

Luvy and I had a marvelous and productive weekend!  How about you?

This was happening at my house.  Can anyone guess why I might be getting filmed??  

IMG 1119

Our very sweet friend Joshua came over to film me.  Sorry ladies… he’s taken.  😉

Also this weekend, we picked our first things out of our garden!  We got 2 squash, a BUNCH of kale, and a jalapeno pepper!  I also have mint coming out of my ears!

IMG 1122

I need to take updated pics of my garden for you!  It has changed a lot since I showed you last!

I always get so excited to pick things out of the garden, because we (mostly Luvy) planted it!  I feel so accomplished!  🙂  Plus, I love making fresh meals with things out of my garden!

IMG 1123

Another marvelous thing is our girls book club at my house on Sunday nights!  (I forgot to take a pic of my lovely ladies… girls, be ready next week!)


We are all loving the book The List by Marian Jordan.  

Would you all like it if I posted our recaps on here for you all?

What is marvelous in your Monday??

How was your weekend?

10 thoughts on “MIMM #4

  1. I love kale and look at that sweet potato, what a beast. I actually have meant to email you because I had some questions about the stomach issues you were having, I am slightly nervous that celiacs may be one of the my problems but not the only one… ugh. It just rung so similar to me especially in the digestive part.

  2. Look at your garden go! I could live on kale.

    That is great you have a new site for your reading group, I will check it out. I can’t wait to hear what you are being filmed for (you are a busy girl!). I love hearing about what you are reading. Then I look the books up to see if they are something that might be helpful in my own life.

    Once again I am just glad for the start of a new week and that makes Monday marvelous right there. I am grateful that my ankle is healing up and trying to get strong. My weekend was fairly gentle as it exactly needed to be. Have a great day!

  3. HI Brittany! I have garden envy right now..When we moved into this place, I had the best intentions to grow a green thumb…Well, it’s been a year and it sure hasn’t happened yet..That KALE looks absolutely divine! Maura from My Healthy ‘Ohana also told me about She Reads Truth..I started today with the new series Living the Surrended Life..I’ve been meditating on Proverbs 3:5 a lot lately (I’ve even mentioned in your previous post actually) and what do you know? Today’s reading was just that! God sure works in mysterious ways!
    I do have a question for you. Would you suggest that I start with Soul Detox first?

    • Hey girl! I’m e-mailing you back tonight! 🙂 You could do either one first! It wouldn’t matter either way. I am actually doing both at the same time. They don’t take up much time at all to read both. 🙂

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