Homegrown Mint Tea

I can’t believe how much my garden has grown over the past month or so!  I have been meaning to give you guys an update, so here goes.  🙂

Our squash patch is growing like crazy.  We have several blooms on it.  If they all turn into squash we will be overflowing with it!

IMG 1171

That wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all considering last year we couldn’t get it to grow!

My kale is also doing fantastic.  That is the only thing we know we can grow from years past!  🙂

IMG 1176

It’s almost bean picking time too!  I’m so excited about fresh green beans!  Plus, these are the kind that you don’t have to string.  #bonus

IMG 1180

My mint and rosemary are really doing well.  My others herbs aren’t doing good at all!  I can’t grow cilantro for anything.

IMG 1174

IMG 1177

We have collard greens, okra, peppers, and tomatoes in there too!

IMG 1173

I love having a garden.  Even though we don’t get all of our produce out of our garden, it is so rewarding to grow some of our food!

Since I have an abundance of mint, I made some mint tea that I though I would share with you!

You can either make this in a pitcher for several people, or a single serving.

Homegrown Mint Tea (for an entire pitcher)

  • 2 large family sized tea bags
  • sugar or stevia if desired (I leave it out and let people add sweetener if they want it)
  • 4-5 mint leaves washed and ripped in half

Put tea bags, sweetener if using, and mint in the bottom of you tea pitcher.  Pour boiling water into pitcher until 1/2 way full.  Allow to steep for about 10 minutes.  Add water to fill the rest of the way up.  Put in refrigerator to allow to chill, or if you like your tea a bit warm (I DO!) enjoy immediately!

IMG 1149

It is so refreshing on a hot summer day!

What do you all have planned for this week?

Who is still wondering about why I’m being videoed??  It is being edited now, and as soon as it is ready I’ll share it with you guys!!  I’m so excited!

** I’m still working on my inbox (and google reader)!  If you haven’t heard back from me–it’s coming!  Promise!

19 thoughts on “Homegrown Mint Tea

  1. I want that garden!!!

    In other news, cilantro is IMPOSSIBLE to grow. I don’t know who these people are that say, “Oh, cilantro is the easiest.” LIARS, all of them.

    Mint, however, is surprisingly easy. [Unless you are me and go out of town and forget to plant your seedlings and they die…]

    So funny. I was JUST thinking about how I wanted to brew some mint tea to keep in the fridge…lets add lime juice and call it mojito [moji-tea?].

  2. I love that you made your tea from real mint leaves – I’m a little embarressed to say I haven’t tried that (and we have a TON of fresh mint). Great idea!

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