Happy What I Ate Wednesday friends!  I hope you guys are enjoying these!

My appetite has been all over the place the past few days.  Some days, I don’t have much of an appetite, and then the next day I’m like a bear coming out of hibernation!  It’s crazy.  Anyone else ever have that?

Side note:  For an amazing recipe, make sure you check out my guest post today over at The Lean Green Bean!  Thanks for having me Lindsay!

So, I promised you guys “real” pictures this week, and I semi came through for you.  See, I went to take pictures with my big girl camera, and the battery was dead!  No warning… just dead.  #bummer

Camera phone to the rescue!

Breakfast was a glorious huge bowl of oats (hungry day!).  It had a peach, blueberries, almond butter and sunflower butter (couldn’t make up my mind).  I also had 1/2 up of coffee.

IMG 20120530 082710 1

I love only having 3 hrs between breakfast and lunch, because I’m not starving by lunch time.

Lunch was leftover lentil and green bean salad, rice, sauteed spinach and squash, and cantaloupe.

IMG 20120626 122211

2-3 bowls of cantaloupe!  🙂

Luvy had an appointment with my friend Amanda to get his hair cut last night, so my snack was portable.  Pure Bar and an apple!  Perfect.

IMG 1186

We came home, and Luvy grilled for us last night!

The perfect summer dinner: grilled salmon, sauteed green beans and squash, and rice!  Simple and delicious!

IMG 1181

After eating 5oz of salmon, I so wasn’t hungry for a snack last night.  So weird for me!  However, I’m certain a few handfuls of granola found it’s way into my mouth.

I ended my night with some warm Homegrown Mint Tea last night while working on my computer.

IMG 1183

What are your favorite summer meals?

What are some things you have eaten recently that you love??

Make sure you check out my guest post today over at The Lean Green Bean!  Thanks for having me Lindsay!

15 thoughts on “WIAW #5

  1. yay for homegrown tea 😀 i just blabbed to my Mom about you how you inspired me to do that 🙂

    mmmmm you know I love my salmon so I am loving your dinner! Looks great babe! 🙂 I grilled tempeh yesterday and LOVED it. So good. What a good change to my usuals 🙂

  2. I know what you mean, girl! Yesterday, my tummy didn’t want to have anything to do with food, but I have a feeling today’s going to be a lot diff!
    I’ve been eating quinoa almost everyday! I’ve actually never tried toasting them, so I can’t wait to try it!!

  3. My favorite summer meals are anything grilled! Summer just seems made for grilling, especially because Kirk is the grillmaster and it gives me a little break when I need it. 🙂

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