Co-Host For a Day

Morning guys!  

Since I have made you guys wait all week for this… I was being videotaped by my friend Joshua last weekend BECAUSE…

IMG 1119

I sent in a video to apply to be Kelly’s Co-Host for a day!!  lol… I’m serious!

IMG 1219

When I saw that Live with Kelly was doing a Coast to Coast Co-Host search, I KNEW I wanted to apply.  I love Live with Kelly… it’s on now… and I LOVE Kelly Ripa.  Not is a creepy stalkerish way…  I watch the show every morning.  It is my sanity.  She is like my cup of coffee for the day!

Kelly Ripa hairstyle

Anywho, if I make it to the 100 finalists, I will need y’alls help to get everyone you know to vote for me!!  Mmmmkay??  This weekend if I can figure out how to upload a video, I’ll put it on here for y’all to see.  I have no pride left…  🙂

Let’s just hope Live with Kelly loves my southern accent as much as Luvy does!

In other news, Luvy and I went out to eat last night with our sweet friend Jenna at Outback!  

IMG 1229

Jenna house sits for us when we got out of town, so we wanted to treat her last night.  It was so wonderful catching up with her!!

Isn’t she a beauty??  She’s single guys….  😉

This weekend, I am going to be working hard on school work and getting everything ready for next week.  What’s next week you ask??

Daddy is coming to visit!  🙂

So, please excuse me if I’m a little MIA this weekend.

What do you all have going on this weekend?

Does anyone else watch Live with Kelly every morning?

17 thoughts on “Co-Host For a Day

  1. I used to watch Live With Regis and Kelly back in the day but haven’t watched for a few years and clearly haven’t watched since it just became Kelly Ripa but she’s so fun and energetic. I think you’d make a great fit. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. I don’t watch her (no cable) but I am so behind you to get on her show! I might even drive to my parents to watch it. 🙂 I am excited for you…what a fun thing to try for!

    This weekend will be homework and another bake sale (made LOTS of dog treats this time around).

    Have a great weekend with your Dad! You are lucky to have him I think. 🙂

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