MIMM Brittany Edition

Happy Monday!

Time for another installment of Marvelous In My Monday with my sweet friend Katie!  🙂


Instead of rambling for you guys, I’m going to tell you through the letters of my name.  I also got this idea from Katie.  She has all the good ideas…right??

B- Book club.  We had a great book club last night.  I am going to start recapping the book for you guys this week!  So, if you want to buy The List by Marian Jordan do it by this weekend!  🙂  You won’t be sorry you did.


R- Random. Luvy and I decided to be spontaneous this weekend and on Saturday, we went to the Farmer’s Market.  That night, we took a nice drive around on backroads.  I love doing that!  It takes me back to my roots.  🙂

IMG 1239

I- Ice cream.  I have eaten way too much of these guys, but it is oh so good!

IMG 1269

T- Time.  I need more of it.  The good news is that I get off for the week at noon Tuesday!   Thank you 4th of July!!

T- Tea.  Iced mint tea.  Perfect for these hot days!

IMG 1149

A- Apples.  They have been what I’m craving this weekend.  They are full of water and delicious!

N- Naps.  I never take them, and yesterday I took an hour nap.  Just what I needed!

Y- Yoga.  I am LOVING yoga to stretch out my body.  It makes me feel so much better afterward!

IMG 1270

These are all things that are marvelous to me.  

What is marvelous to you using your initials?

What are you looking forward to this week?

12 thoughts on “MIMM Brittany Edition

  1. This is so fun! I can’t wait to read other people’s!

    I love these posts. I think what is marvelous for me today is also wrapped up in the plans for the week.

    S – Sewing challenge. One thing one week challenge, I WILL finish a shirt project.
    A – Appreciation. Of life, opportunities and people.
    M – Mondays! I love the fresh start to a new week.
    A – Acceptance. Of myself and others. Keeps me true to self and getting the most out of life.
    N – New recipes. 🙂 Avalanche of baking today to get things in the mail before the holiday.
    T – Training. Keep that dog training going.
    H – Homework. Not so marvelous, but a part of me and I love learning.
    A – Action and active. It is going to be a busy week! Tons going on to keep me going and relay for Life this weekend plus just enjoying the world with my pup.

    *Notice I went for the long version of my name even though I generally go by Sam. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I want that yoga DVD! How is it? Lots of strength I presume?

    And have you tried the cookie dough flavor of the ice cream – my favorite!

  3. That tea looks. so. refreshing! I sure won’t mind gulping that down right this second! Tim and I went to the farmers market this weekend also! So much fun :). Not only do I love purchasing fresh produce and unique treats (that’s a given), I LOVE meeting and talking to people in my community :).
    I’ve actually never tried that brand..I’m going to try it soon, hopefully. I have 2 big tubs of ice cream in my freezer right this moment. I need the extra fat so why not go for the good stuff ;).

  4. Katie does always have great ideas:) Such a fun post. I’m going to do this sometime this week I think! That iced mint tea looks divine! I can’t wait for your book review. I’m always looking for new reads!

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