4th of July Bash

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!!

IMG 1287

We had a blast!

Yesterday, I started my day out right with some festive oatmeal.  Blueberries, strawberries, and peaches.  The peaches were the closest thing I had to something white.  

IMG 1280

Hit the spot!

Yesterday afternoon, I did all kinds of prepping and cooking for the party that night at the Mann’s house. 

IMG 1281

IMG 1283

IMG 1288

I made Maddie and I Emily’s Lentil and Green Bean Salad.  Always a winner!

IMG 1284

I’m tellin ya… no one knows how to throw a party like the Mann’s!  I want them in charge of all my parties!  

IMG 1286

There was some awesome food.  Mike was the grill master and he grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs.  Plus we had all kinds of salads, beans, green beans, chips, and a ton of fruit!

IMG 1294

I was so hot that I was craving FRUIT!  Look at the watermelon…  aren’t the stars awesome??

IMG 1292

Courtney brought baby Carly to the party!  She was so adorable in her sweet red, white, and blue!  She never fussed or cried.  She may be the most content and happy baby I have ever seen!

IMG 1295

Scenes from the party…

IMG 1298

IMG 1297

IMG 1302

IMG 1299

It was a wonderful night full of fireworks and fun!  Luvy and I were drenched in sweat when we got in.  We immediately jumped into the shower.

Today I’m just getting everything ready for my dad to visit!!  He will be here tonight!  🙂

I’ve got that muffin recipe coming for you guys tomorrow!!  

How was your 4th??  What did you do?

Do you like fireworks?


12 thoughts on “4th of July Bash

  1. that looks like a great party! I love the watermelon stars. Can’t believe I didn’t have any watermelon yesterday! I did get to see fireworks though – after a great display I have nothing to complain about. 🙂

  2. Looks like so much fun! We watched fireworks with friends on the 3rd, so it wasn’t too bad to get some serious packing done last night. Moving is no fun!! 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Everything looks awesome. Those watermelon stars are adorable. I didn’t do anything since I’m Canadian;)

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