Can you believe it is Wednesday already??  You know what that means!!  It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday!

This past weekend, I made a TON of food for daddy to come up.  My fridge is still massively full of food.

It was so hot outside that I didn’t want us to heat up the house, plus I didn’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen with him here!

Also, my dad likes vegetarian food, so it made it very easy to feed him.  Plus, when he comes up, he always brings farm fresh veggies and meats from local farms and his farm.  Luvy loves that!

So how do you feed family or guests without a ton of cooking?


Mostly for breakfast we would have yogurt, oats, or some cereal.  On Saturday morning, we made a “big breakfast”.

Daddy and Luvy made some sausage from a local farmer in Tennessee that my daddy is friends with.  They both LOVE this sausage.  Me, not so much.  🙂

I whipped up Purely Elizabeth’s gluten free pancakes while Luvy made some eggs for us.

IMG 1305I don’t like my syrup to touch my eggs so this is my first plate.  🙂  I love fruit with my breakfast!

IMG 1306

The sausage and pancakes look so similar!


For lunches, we mostly ate leftovers and cold salads.

My Confetti Quinoa Salad was a huge hit, and so was Emily’s Lentil and Green Bean Salad!

IMG 0788 2

The guys also made turkey sandwiches for lunch.  Devoured with a TON of daddy’s homemade salsa.  We have been out for a few weeks now, and Luvy was lost without it.  Store bought just doesn’t cut it after you have had my daddy’s salsa!


Dinner was super simple compared to some of the recipes I try!  I made Happy Herbivore’s Mexican Cabbage.

IMG 20120706 183102

Luvy and I have made this several times and we can’t get enough!

For our second night’s dinner, we ate really early because daddy doesn’t usually eat dinner.  Since he was up, Luvy and him decided to grill up some of daddy’s beef.  I was so glad that Luvy finally had someone to eat beef with!  ha!

We griled corn from Daddy’s garden, vegetables, tilapia for me, and beef skewers with veggies for the guys.

IMG 1318

Luvy was quite the grill master!

I made an amazing Tropical Tilapia salad!  I’ll have to share my recipe with you guys!

IMG 1321

I hope y’alls weekend was as great as ours.  It was so fun hanging out with my dad and having him around!!

How do you all feed guests without spending a ton of time in the kitchen?

Do you all like to grill out in the summer?

15 thoughts on “WIAW #8

  1. everything looks great! that tropical tilapia salad especially looks amazing! when we have guests, we do lots of grilling, some casseroles, and homemade pizza to eliminate time in the kitchen but still make sure it is tasty!

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