Simple Pleasures from A-Z

Happy Friday!!

I am still in 4th grade and I love surveys!  🙂

Seriously, I get so excited when I see a new survey going around the blog world!  I got this from the lovely Janetha.  She got it from Abby, who got if from Dorry.  These are my simple pleasures from A to Z!  🙂

A- Apples.  Can’t get enough of them this summer!

IMG 1186

B- Bananas.  Love these too… I promise it won’t all be food!

C- Cleaning.  I don’t love it when I do it, but I clean my house every week.  I love how a clean house feels!

D- Dancing.  I love to dance.  I danced in college, but now I just dance like an idiot around my house.  🙂

Bam 119

E- Exercise.  My idea of exercise has changed over the past year, but I love how my body feels after I move!

F- Family!  They all live too far away, but I cherish the time I have with them!

IMG 3615

G- Grace.  I have been extended way more grace than I ever deserved!

H- Hugs.  I can’t get enough hugs!

I- Internet.  Seriously… what would we do without it??

J- July- I LOVE July.  Not only is it hot out, but it is my birth month!  3 days to go!

K- Kittens.  I love cats, and I want one.  *hint, hint*  


L- Luvy.  I couldn’t live without him.

IMG 1287

M- Mac.  I swear everything electronic I own dies.  My Mac has held up better than anything else!  I will forever be a Mac user!

N- Nuts.  I love all nuts and nut butters.  I think it is an addiction.  

IMG 1049

O- Oats.  Oatmeal is a staple at my house.  I eat them more than anything else for breakfast!  Gluten-free of course!

IMG 1051

P- Prayer.  The new SheReadsTruth is on prayer.  I need to focus on that more!

Q- Quality time.  I love spending quality time with the people I love.

R- Rookie Blue.  I’m addicted to this show!


S- Saturdays.  Saturdays are the only day that we sort of get to relax and “sleep in”.

T- Teeth.  I’m a teeth fanatic.  Maybe this is why I’m a dental hygienist??

U- Underwear.  Yes, I went there, but it’s true!  Life would be tough with no undies.

V- Vacations.  Enough said.

IMG 0732

W- Water.  Been drinking a lot of it!  Who’s taking my challenge??

X- Xylitol.  Great all natural sweetener, and your body can’t break it down into a cavity!  🙂

Y- You all!  I love you readers!

Z- Zzzzzs.  I need more of them!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?

Pick any letter and tell me what your simple pleasure is!




34 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures from A-Z

  1. I love these surveys. Its fun to get to know people better. Heck yea on family! And I am actually looking into getting a kitten, so twinsies on that one! Oh man my mac is my baby! It is a million times better then a PC, in my opinion.

    • lol… I make room… lol! My hubby knows which ones are safe to eat out of and which are not unless he wants to eat after me double dipping. 🙂 I can’t wait to read yours!!!!

  2. Hey! How is the water challenge going? I would have already passed you on that one, but just like you I puff right up if I don’t keep it going. It has to be harder in the extreme heat like you are having too. Makes you not want to drink.

    E – experiences. The more I appreciate the ones I have the more that seem to show up.

    I am with you on Grace by the way. Probably one of my favorite words.

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