MIMM I’m 27 Today!

Happy Monday!  You know what that means… It’s Marvelous in My Monday with my friend Katie!

Today is extra marvelous, because it is my 27th birthday!!  🙂

It doesn’t really feel like my birthday, because I’m usually an all week long celebrater.  Since Luvy is having to spend all his time and effort on getting a part of his dissertation written so he can defend his prospectus, it hasn’t really been a birthday weekend.  BUT that is okay, because I know his hard work will pay off and we will both be better off for it!

Even though he is super busy, he still makes my birthday marvelous.  I woke up to these flowers and his sweet card.

IMG 1406

I had to put my contacts in to read the card!  There is nothing I love more than Luvy’s homemade cards.  Hallmark just doesn’t say things like Luvy does!

IMG 1407

Please pardon me… I just woke up!

My birthday has been marvelous already, because this weekend I also got to spend time with my beautiful friend Kelly!

IMG 1361

She and I worked on school stuff for a bit then ran around… in the rain! The rain was marvelous, because we haven’t had any in weeks!

We went shopping and we got some marvelous deals at Loft.

IMG 1366

A skirt and tank for only $20!  Plus, I had a $15 off card because it is my birthday month!!  Totally marvelous… right??

Then, we went to Rainbow Blossom where they were having a gluten free fair.  Kelly was so awesome to join me, even though she isn’t GF!  Love her!

I tasted one of Delicously Free‘s cupcakes, and fell in LOVE!  Plus they are a local company.  Rose, who owns Deliciously Free, gave me 2 whole cupcakes since it was my birthday!!  Thanks Rose!!

I made out with all kinds of fun stuff from Rainbow Blossom!

IMG 1365

Today, I’m off work for my birthday, which is also MARVELOUS!  So, I have some other fun stuff planned for my birthday.

I have big plans for those cupcakes tonight!!  🙂

What is marvelous about your Monday?

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?


37 thoughts on “MIMM I’m 27 Today!

  1. Happy 27th birthday girl!! Those flowers are beautiful.. and i couldn’t agree more about loving homemade birthday cards. Just reading my card last week for my birthday from the hubs seriously had me in tears, and couldn’t of been a better way to start the birthday!

    Lovee all of your goodies you got from the fair, how fun! Enjoy your day though girl ❤

  2. i would say your birthday does indeed make the day pretty darn marvelous! 🙂 it sounds like you’ve had a great time celebrating so far! luvy sure is a keeper. i love your finds at the LOFT too! that store is one of my favorites. wish we could go shopping together! happy birthday pretty lady! love you so much!

  3. Happy birthday my friend!! We are the same age now. 😉 Love you and your BLEND shirt up there. Have a blessed day…email coming your way soon!

  4. Happy Birthday!! How fun that you are work-free today, that’s a great idea to really make the day special!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love the skirt and tank purchase. Those are beautiful.

    I seriously laughed about you spending a week in celebration. 🙂 I am majorly the opposite. LOL

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