Packing Up and Ova Ova Giveaway

Hey friends!

Who is glad it is almost the weekend???  Things are nuts around here with packing, work, and Luvy’s school!  We will be SO happy for tomorrow!!!

This morning I was a rock star and did 2 loads of laundry before work.  Most of the packing is done, now I just have to pack the little things… like SUNSCREEN!

I ALWAYS feel like I’m forgetting something when I pack.  We have to pack for the beach plus a wedding.  Luvy’s college roommate is getting married the weekend we get back from the beach.  Luvy is playing and singing.  🙂  I will be swooning.

I’m posting a little early today because 1) I must pack and 2) I have an AWESOME giveaway for you!  When I mean you… I mean you ladies.  Sorry guys….  you can enter it for your wives if you want!

My new friend Amanda from Ova Ova reached out to me to do a giveaway on the blog!

Ova Ova is a tool that I started using not to long ago to chart your cycle.  You can use it as natural birth control, or for pregnancy achievement.  It helps you to track your cycle via your body temperature and other signs so that you can better understand your cycles and your body.

It’s a great way of natural birth control so that you aren’t pumping yourself full of hormones.  Also, it can help pinpoint hormonal issues.

Here is a sample chart from their website.  This is not my chart….  I do have some privacy!  🙂

Amanda is so sweet that she is offering 3 readers a free lifetime membership to Ova Ova!!  We are trying out rafflecopter for the giveaway.

Just click down below to enter the giveaway.  The giveaway will go until Monday!
Hope you all are having a great day!

Click here

**updated** this is a new code.. the last one didn’t work. let me know if this doesn’t work.

Tomorrow, I have another sweet surprise for you!

Who else hates to pack?  Do you feel like you are forgetting something?

Do you chart your cycles?


WIAW: Operation Eat Everything

Since you all liked it so much last week, here is my second WIAW!

So this week my eats have been nothing short of crazy.  Since we are leaving in 2 days (EEEKKK!) for vacation, we are in operation eat everything.  Not to mention that Luvy has not and will not eat at our house for a meal since last night.  So, I’m on my own…

I have been packing his lunches, which look like this:

IMG 0809

turkey sandwich, apple, carrot sticks, and water.  He also had my brownies that I made for his class.  🙂

Breakfast was a protein buckwheat bake.  Nothing short of perfect.

IMG 0304

This is a recycled pic, but it was the exact same.

I’ve never shared this recipe on the blog, but it can be found here on Ashley’s blog.  I’ll have to post it soon on here!

Lunch was an amazing quinoa and black bean salad.

IMG 0788

This beauty is a recipe that I came up with for a guest post for one of my favorite gals.  You all will have to wait on the recipe!  🙂

My snacks were quick, but oh so good.  I had a fresh apricot.

Right after work, I had a new to me product.  I had the blueberry So Delicious Greek-style coconut milk yogurt!  It was fantastic.  Full review to come.

IMG 0810

I have a lot of things to come…. I’m just full of surprises today!

The best part of the day was dinner.

IMG 0811

We had grilled tilapia with Slap Ya Mama seasoning, grilled asparagus, green beans, and corn and quinoa salad.

IMG 0813

The meal was great, but the company was even better!  We had over our good friend JoLynn.  She is in town from North Carolina for PhD classes.  She goes to school with Luvy.

IMG 0817

God bless them both… I couldn’t do it!  I had a great time chatting girl stuff with her.  I wish she could just come and hang out for a weekend!  (Feel free anytime JoLynn!!!)

My night-time snack was just a couple of handfuls of Love Grown Granola.  We went to bed by 10pm.  We were both so exhausted from a lack of sleep.  Actually, Luvy fell asleep on the couch before then!

I don’t know why, but I ALWAYS have to eat before bed.  I think it is a habit.  Also, I always call it a “midnight snack”, because that is what we called it growing up.

Speaking of growing up… today is my Mom’s birthday!

Happy 39th(ish) (bahahaha) Birthday MOM!

We wish we could be there to celebrate with you!!!

Do you all have to eat a midnight snack?

Anyone else have to eat up everything before they go on vacation?  I can’t stand to throw anything away!

***you all will have to excuse my absence from the blog world for the rest of this week/weekend.  I MUST get us packed for vacation or else we will be going in our birthday suits on the beach.  YiKES!***

Uncle Maddio’s

We love pizza.  Luvy REALLY loves pizza.

After his comprehensive evaluations were over, he only wanted one thing.  Pizza.  I have a hard time eating pizza because most places don’t have a dairy-free or gluten-free option.

After all of Luvy’s studying and hard work.  I wasn’t about to not get him that pizza.  After some researching on my beloved urbanspoon, I found Uncle Maddio’s pizza!

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint on Urbanspoon

IMG 0768

I’m so glad that I found this place.  It is close to the seminary where Luvy goes to school, and it is in an area that we really like in Louisville called the Highlands.

Uncle Maddio’s wants to do for pizza what Chipotle did for Tex-Mex.  Everything is organic and antibiotic-free, which I was very excited about.

IMG 0770

They also offer gluten-free pizza AND Daiya vegan cheese!!  Plus, everything is also soy free (unless you order tofu!).

I was very impressed with their selection.  Plus, they have a separate sauce they use for the gluten-free pizza so that there isn’t any cross-contamination.  Someone with celiac disease could feel comfortable eating here.

Even if you don’t like pizza, they have great salads!  If you don’t want a salad or pizza go here just to use their cool drink machine!

IMG 0772

I was amazed by this machine!

I ordered the gluten-free pizza with Daiya cheese, artichokes, portobello mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes.  Holy YUM!

IMG 0778

Luvy got the whole wheat pizza with mozzarella cheese, jerk chicken, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes.

IMG 0777

We even had some to bring home.

IMG 0779

We loved Uncle Maddio’s Pizza!  We will definitely be back!  Fresh pizza with wholesome ingredients in 6 minutes… yes please!

This was the perfect celebration lunch for Luvy!

IMG 0780

Do you all like pizza?  

What is your favorite healthy “fast food” place??