Cake Toss

I made a cake, and now I’m going to toss it.  Don’t worry, I’m not on some crazy diet.

Tonight, I was going to share with you all my wonderful recipe for Luvy’s chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.  I tried a new recipe from one of my favorite blogs, and I hate to say that is didn’t turn out well.  At all.

The cake was not moist and fluffy.  Instead, it was dense and almost dry.  That does not make for a good cake!  It might have been good frisbees.  I have always liked everything else I have made from this blog, so I’m really bummed.  Plus, I worked hard on that cake!

I wanted to just throw the cake away, but Luvy won’t let me.  I have a feeling that I might have an oopsy tonight…  I don’t want him eating bad cake!  Do you know how tortuous it is to have cake in the fridge and it not be good cake???

Now is when I wish I had lived closer to my Aunt Dixie.  She was a rockstar cook and baker!  Remember, she is the one that made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie??  

This weekend, I’m going to have to make an EDIBLE dessert!

Now I have pie on my mind…

Tomorrow, I have a great doughnut recipe for you all!  And they are edible!


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